At some point, 70% to 80% of us experience lower back pain.
Food brings a smile to all of us; Lower Back Pain is bring unbearable pain to all of us. Lower back pain is the type of pain 75% to 80% experience at one point in life. It is estimated that at any giving time 30 to 40 million Americans suffers from lower back pain.

When the back muscles extremely stretched or torn we have a condition that called a muscle strain, and it’s painful. A dull and achy pain moves around the lower back and body and stops most of us from thinking straight.
To kill the lower back pain many American turns into traditional medicine, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Meperidine all may relife the pain, but they are highly addictive.
“At the age of 22, I had surgery. Following the surgery, I was prescribed two painkillers. Six months later I was a painkiller addict. Months after the operation in addition to the oral tablet I crushed and snort the drugs. The physical withdrawal from the drug is nothing short of excruciating pain. Mush worse than the surgery.” —Jorge.

Can Cannabis or Marijuana Help?

The Canadian Medical Association Journal found that cannabis could help reduce chronic pain. 21 men and women were giving three different marijuana strengths 9.4%, 6%, and 2.5% THC. The pain was measured on a 10 point lower back pain scale. The results showed that most strains of marijuana are much more potent in their percentage of THC.

In December of 2014 the College of Family Physicians of Canada recommended patient with chronic pain to smoked marijuana.
This recommendation was aline with most Marijuana doctors suggestions.
Marijuana doctors suggest consuming 1 inhalation, 4 times a day, which is about 400mg a day of 9% THC cannabis.

Best Strains for Lower Back Pain?

Different strains of medical marijuana can relife lower back pain. Each marijuana strain works differently on the people, but THC strong strains are chosen to combat lower back pain. The CBD component is helpful reducing inflammation and decreases the cause of the pain.
Some people with lower back pain find it useful to take different strains of marijuana to control the pain at different times of the day. A lower THC strain during the day and a higher THC strain in the evening.

Lower back Pain? Talk to Doctor Painkiller, Today

20-27% THC with a low level of CBD, relax the muscle strains and relieve general pain.
23% THC and only about 1% CBD can relieve pain and muscle spasms.

14-22% THC and 0.06-0.1% CBD can ease muscle tension and decrease stress.
If you are in pain before taking conventional addictive painkillers consults with doctor painkiller.

If you are new to marijuana and want to learn more about marijuana therapeutic effect call one of our marijuana doctors, they are doctor painkiller, they care, and they believe in a holistic approach.

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October 26, 2016

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